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Clay Kennedy – Of Counsel

Clay Kennedy is from Lexington and moved to Louisville in 2008.  He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, B.A. in Sociology, and the Brandeis School of Law.  After graduating from law school, Clay started at the Louisville Metro Public Defender’s office.  While working as a public defender, he represented clients every day charged with crimes ranging from traffic tickets to Murder.  After 5 years, he left the Public Defender’s office to start his own practice.  The Law Office of Clay Kennedy represents clients in criminal court, family court, and guardianship court in Louisville and the surrounding areas.  He has extensive trial experience, including several acquittals and other favorable outcomes from juries across the state.  His office treats every client with the utmost respect, keeping them informed of the status of their cases and is always available by phone or email.

A Few of the Many Notable Results

CW v. CB, 19-M-00200 Shelby County, charged DUI 1st with an Aggravator, Possession of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia.  DUI charge dismissed following a suppression hearing.  Remaining charges resolved for a fine.

CW v. CS, 19-T-1507 Shelby County, charged with Reckless Driving, DUI 1st with an aggravator which carries mandatory jail time.  Charges amended to DUI 1st without an aggravator, fine only, no jail time. 

CW v. JL, 19-T-13449 and 19-T-00406 Fayette and Nelson Counties, client charged in multiple counties with multiple counts of DUI.  Successfully litigated keeping all charges as DUI 1st’s when the prosecutors sought to amend them to DUI 2nds. 

CW v. LM, 19-F-1188 Jefferson County, client charged with DUI 1st and felony Wanton Endangerment following bad accident and multiple injuries.  Client was facing up to 5 years in prison.  Resolved for misdemeanor conviction with home incarceration.

CW v. MM, 19-T-00049 Spencer County, client charged with DUI 1st.  Subsequently charges were dismissed.

CW v. AM, 18-CR-2826 Jefferson County, client charged with Enhanced Trafficking in Cocaine over 4 grams.  Facing up to 20 years in prison.  Following aggressive motion practice, client resolved for misdemeanor drug paraphernalia, no jail time.

CW v. KK, 18-CR-01021 Fayette County, client charged with Assault 2nd, facing up to 10 years in prison.  Tried to a jury, client convicted of misdemeanor, given a fine only, no jail time. 

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