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Author Archives: Paul Lindquist

Expert Witness in Louisville, KY

How Expert Witnesses are used in Criminal Defense Cases

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

In many criminal cases, expert witnesses are used by the prosecution to testify on certain facts and evidence. The defense also has the right to call expert witnesses to testify on their behalf and to rebut the prosecution’s testimony. What is an Expert Witness? When it comes to expert witnesses, the term “witness” is… Read More »

Wanton Endangerment Arrests in Louisville, KY

What is Wanton Endangerment and What is the Difference between First and Second-Degree Wanton Endangerment?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

One of the defining elements of many criminal offenses is the state of mind of the accused at the time the alleged offense was committed. For example, if someone commits a homicide with malicious intent (i.e., the intent to kill or cause serious bodily injury), they can be charged with murder. If, on the… Read More »