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Avoid a DUI During the Holiday Party Season

drink and drive

Everyone loves to celebrate with friends, coworkers, and family during the holidays, and that can mean spreading good cheer with champagne, mulled wine, and spiked eggnog. However, the holidays will become a whole lot less cheerful if you get arrested and charged for driving under the influence on your way home from a holiday bash. Law enforcement personnel are particularly vigilant during the holiday season, often setting up roadside DUI checkpoints to find drivers who are under the influence. Read on to learn how to stay off the naughty list and avoid a DUI charge, and contact a skilled Louisville DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after an arrest.

Make a plan to stay the night

If you know you’ll want to have a good time without worrying about the consequences, stay the night somewhere within walking distance of the party. You can make it a special event and grab a hotel room or stay with a friend. If you realize that you won’t be safe behind the wheel too late to make other arrangements, it’s better to ask a friend if you can sleep on their couch than it is to risk arrest or injury to others by driving drunk.

Skip driving altogether

Save yourself the hassle of sitting in traffic or finding a place to park by hiring a cab, Uber, or Lyft to take you to and from your party. You might think it’s expensive to pay for a ride when you could drive for less, but a $10 cab fare is a real bargain compared with the hundreds of dollars you’ll spend if you’re convicted of a DUI. If a friend will serve as a reliable designated driver, you can avoid the expense of a cab, and return the favor at a subsequent event.

Don’t overindulge

Sometimes, you might end up becoming intoxicated by accident, either by failing to keep track of how many drinks you’ve had or forgetting to eat beforehand. Drinking too much can make you unsafe to drive, and can also lead to some embarrassing moments if you’re drinking with the boss at an office holiday party. Always eat a good meal before drinking, and alternate drinks with glasses of water. Additionally, decide beforehand to limit yourself to a number of drinks that you know won’t leave you tipsy by the end of the night; a good rule for most people of average size and health is not to drink more than one drink in a 90 to 120-minute period.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with drinking and driving or driving while under the influence of drugs, give yourself the best possible chances of success in beating those charges by contacting Louisville DUI defense attorney Ron Aslam for a consultation, at 502-581-1676.