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parking lot accident

Who is At Fault in a Parking Lot or Garage Accident?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

One of the last places you might expect to be struck by a car is in a parking garage or parking lot. But these areas see far more serious vehicle accidents than you might have previously thought. Fortunately, when someone else is at fault for causing your injuries, you can hold them accountable and… Read More »

divorce during a personal injury case

How a Pending Divorce Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

You recently decided to get a divorce. While you’ve mostly worked out how you’re going to handle the division of your assets and debts, now you’re wondering about your personal injury case and how your divorce will affect your settlement. By finding out more information, you can protect yourself as much as possible when… Read More »

can a debt collector call me at work?

Is a Debt Collector Allowed to Call Me at Work?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

In case having debt collectors after you at all hours of the day wasn’t overwhelming enough, you also have to worry about them getting in touch with people close to you. While they cannot discuss your debt with other people, they can call family, friends, and other people to get information on your address,… Read More »


Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was created by the FTC to protect consumers from the underhanded and often outright fraudulent collection methods used by debt collectors. If you are behind on your payments and you have accounts in collections, you have likely heard of the FDCPA. However, it’s important to look more into… Read More »

dui for commercial drivers

The Consequences of a DUI for Commercial Drivers

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

Driving while under the influence is a choice that can affect every area of your life. However, the consequences are particularly long-reaching for those who drive for a living. The standards for commercial drivers are extremely high, and if you are convicted of driving under the influence, you can expect your career to suffer…. Read More »

debt collector garnish wages

Can Debt Collectors Garnish Wages or Bank Accounts?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

While the best way to handle debt is to address it head-on, that’s not how it usually goes. Most people start falling further and further behind on payments, only to get hit with a court summons. At this point, you might wonder how the collector will get what you owe them. They may get… Read More »

arrested for dui in louisville

Can a DUI Case Be Expunged in Kentucky?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

A DUI can completely derail your future plans, leaving you unable to work in certain fields, drive without being monitored, or find affordable car insurance. On top of that, you may find that your work options and reputation are forever hindered by the presence of a DUI on your record. For that reason, many… Read More »

how to get a job after criminal conviction

Getting a Job After a Criminal Conviction

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

The idea behind incarceration is that it allows you to pay your debt to society before you rejoin and become a productive member. Unfortunately, that isn’t always how it plays out in real life. Barriers exist that prevent those with criminal records from finding housing, getting employed, and becoming active in their communities. The… Read More »

third party liable for car accident

Determining Liability When a Third Party Causes a Car Accident

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

When a car accident occurs, those involved tend to think about liability in one way: is it my fault or the other driver’s fault? However, many car collisions aren’t that cut-and-dry. There’s a whole list of other parties that may hold some or full liability in a car accident, and when you investigate these… Read More »

driving atv while intoxicated in Kentucky - what's the law?

All-Terrain Vehicle Safety is a Major Concern in Kentucky

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

No matter how fun an afternoon on your ATV may be, it is undoubtedly a dangerous hobby. This is particularly true in Kentucky, where statistics indicate an above-average fatality rate and lots of serious injuries that change riders’ lives. Learn more about ATV safety and the risks Kentucky riders face. If you or someone… Read More »