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Protesters Arrested After Sit-in At The Home of Kentucky Attorney General

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

On July 14, 2020, 87 people were arrested for conducting a sit-in demonstration at the home of Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron.  The protestors were demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, who was killed earlier this year allegedly by Louisville Metro Police Officers and whose death has sparked ongoing protests.  The Kentucky Attorney General is… Read More »

criminal attorney in louisville

How a Criminal Record Can Affect a Personal Injury Case

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

While there is no relationship between your past crime and your personal injury claim, most people will perceive a criminal record negatively. In a significant number of personal injury lawsuits, the jury is made up of ordinary citizens who will evaluate the plaintiff’s personal injury claim. A jury may have a critical view of… Read More »

driving under the influence of drugs

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs in KY: What You Need to Know

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

Driving under the influence of drugs (DUI) or drug-impaired driving is an increasing problem in Kentucky. The state roadways routinely witness countless crashes involving injuries or even fatalities due to drug-impaired motorists. Drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana, are usually consumed with alcohol, which significantly increases the driver’s impairment. In recent years, Kentucky law… Read More »

arrested for dui in louisville

How Does a DUI Conviction Impact My Job?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

When a person is convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of Kentucky, the consequences can be life-altering. A DUI conviction could mean time behind bars and a fine, depending on the specific case. It could severely disrupt your life not only due to the conviction but also as a result… Read More »



By Ron Aslam Law Office |

            Despite the staggering economic losses suffered by small businesses across the United States as a result of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, insurance companies have taken the position that these losses are not covered by business income or business interruption policies.  However, several State Governments and the Federal Government are considering various proposals… Read More »

how coronavirus is affecting criminal cases in Kentucky

How Will the Coronavirus Affect Criminal Cases?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption in virtually every arena of American life, and the country’s criminal justice system is not unaffected either. In Kentucky, the court proceedings in criminal cases are delayed because most of the court operations are temporarily suspended. The administration in Kentucky appears to be more willing at present… Read More »

Kentucky is pulling together to help the community with coronavirus

How Kentuckians Are Pulling Together During The COVID-19 Outbreak

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

The coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for all segments of the population – from vulnerable older adults and those with underlying health conditions to suddenly laid-off employees to work-from-home parents. During this period of hardship and uncertainty, the people of Kentucky are coming together to help each other cope with the Covid-19 crisis… Read More »

marijuana breathalyzer

Researchers Say New Breathalyzer Can Measure Pot Intoxication

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

It took decades for the alcohol breathalyzer to gradually gain acceptance. There was an ongoing debate from the 1930s through the 1960s among lawmakers, police, scientists, and the public on the accuracy of the numbers given by the device, the correct legal limit for drivers, and the reliability of a machine over the testimony… Read More »

Paid Sick Leave and Coronavirus

Paid Sick Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has massively disrupted the economy and all of our personal lives.  Congress enacted the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) to help American families and workers deal with unexpected absences from work due to the coronavirus.  The FFCRA, in part, provides for temporary paid sick leave for workers.  The new… Read More »

driving atv while intoxicated in Kentucky - what's the law?

Driving ATVs and Intoxication

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

The Consumer Protection Safety Commission reports that ATV accidents are responsible 500 to 600 fatalities every year in the US. Unfortunately, many of these deaths occur due to driver intoxication. When operating an off-road vehicle under intoxication, you may injure yourself and others as well as most likely get a DUI when you are… Read More »