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Can Returning to Work Too Soon Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim?

returning to work after a personal injury

After you have suffered a personal injury, every single decision you make seems to have a ton of consequences. Pushing yourself in physical therapy might help you recover more quickly, but it could also harm your recovery if you go too far. On top of that, it could damage your personal injury claim. When you go back to work is another issue to consider. Should you wait until your personal injury claim is solid, or should you follow your doctor’s advice?

Learn more about how your return to work may affect your claim. And for more personalized advice regarding your claim, contact Ron Aslam Law Office at 502-581-1676.

Financial Instability

One factor that may impact your return to work is the amount of financial stress you’re experiencing. The longer you go without a paycheck, the more likely you are to start seeing bills pile up and your obligations go unmet. This is incredibly stressful for anyone, and it’s no surprise that some people return to work before they are truly ready because they need to get some money flowing in.

Going back to work before you are truly ready and before your doctor approves it can damage your claim. This can actually make your financial situation even worse since you may give up the right to compensation for medical bills and other expenses.

Working with Your Doctor

There should be two people guiding your handling of your injury and your injury claim. First, listen to your doctor. Your doctor knows the details of your case, and they know when you are truly ready to get back into the workforce. If you get back to work before your doctor approves it, your claim could be damaged. It shows that you are not listening to medical professionals or doing everything you can to heal properly.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t wait longer than your doctor recommends to get back to work. If you do, it may appear to the other side that you are milking your injury to get more compensation for lost wages.

Your attorney can also help you figure out what’s best for your case. They understand how every action you take will be analyzed by the other side, and they know how to position you in a way that protects your health and your personal injury claim.

Avoid Hurting Your Claim and Your Recovery

The best reason to listen to your doctor when it comes to your return to work is your physical health. Yes, the status of your personal injury claim is important if you want to be able to pay your medical bills and make up for lost income. However, you cannot push yourself too fast to get back to work and risk your physical health. Going too fast for a couple weeks of earnings can lead to physical health consequences that follow you the rest of your life.

The good news is that what is best for your health is often what is best for your personal injury case. From a personal injury standpoint, following your doctor’s instructions shows a dedication to your health and a desire to get better as soon as possible.

Hire an Attorney Early in the Process

If you are truly interested in maximizing your personal injury settlement, hire an attorney promptly after your accident. They will help you avoid making costly mistakes that can drive down the value of your settlement. Furthermore, they can help you get connected to medical professionals that will not demand payment before your injury claim is settled.

Ron Aslam Law Office is Here for Your Personal Injury Case

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