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GERD Defense for DUI in KY

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

You are out with your friends at a bar/restaurant one night, and on your way home, you are pulled over by the police. The police suspect that you were driving drunk, and they ask you to take a breathalyzer test. You are not too worried, because all you had to drink was a glass… Read More »


What Should I Do if I’m Stopped for Drunk Driving in KY?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

Being pulled over for drunk driving can be a very unsettling experience, especially if this is your first time. Getting stopped by the police is always stressful, and if you have been drinking, you may be facing some very harsh consequences. How you deal with the police when you are stopped is absolutely crucial,… Read More »


Supreme Court Rules Police Can Order Blood Drawn from Unconscious DUI Suspects

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

At the end of June, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that could impact the constitutional rights of individuals who are suspected of drunk driving. In a narrow 5-4 ruling, the Court upheld a Wisconsin court ruling allowing police to draw blood from an unconscious DUI suspect without a warrant and without the… Read More »


What are the Major Changes with the New Kentucky DUI Laws?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

In March of 2019, Kentucky governor Matt Bevin signed into law a bill that would require first-time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device (IID) into their vehicle or face stricter penalties. Under the current law, only repeat offenders and first-time offenders with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.15 or above are… Read More »

dui with child in car attorney in louisville

What is the Law on Driving Under the Influence with a Child in the Car in Kentucky?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a serious crime in Kentucky. Penalties are harsh even for a first offense, including the loss of driving privileges, heavy fines, and the possibility of spending some time in jail. If you are arrested for drunk driving in KY with a passenger who is under 12… Read More »

measure marijana intoxication

New Device Purports to Measure Level of Marijuana Intoxication

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

With more and more states legalizing marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use, law enforcement have become increasingly concerned with being able to determine whether or not a driver is intoxicated by marijuana. Researchers at Stanford University have developed a device that they claim can quickly and unobtrusively measure the amount of marijuana’s active… Read More »

ignition interlock devices

How do Ignition Interlock Devices Work?

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

In 2015, the Commonwealth of Kentucky introduced a law that permits certain drivers to have ignition interlock devices (IIDs) installed in their vehicles as a way to regain their driving privileges after being convicted of a DUI or even during a pre-trial suspension time period.  Read on to learn about how these devices work,… Read More »

driving under the influence (dui) in Louisville, KY

Questions and Answers about Kentucky’s Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Law

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

Driving under the influence of drugs is a serious charge that can have major repercussions for your career and personal life. Learn more below about how you can be charged for driving under the influence of drugs, both legal or illegal, and speak with a knowledgeable Kentucky criminal defense lawyer right away after you’re… Read More »

dui law in Louisville, KY

Aggravating Circumstances Make a DUI Conviction Even More Serious

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

Being found guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have very serious consequences, such as the loss of your driver’s license, a jail sentence, and high fines, not to mention skyrocketing car insurance rates and the development of a criminal record. These consequences can become even more grave if… Read More »

college students convicted of dui

College Students Convicted of DUI Face Serious Consequences

By Ron Aslam Law Office |

If you’re a college student, you probably like to have fun and get a little wild from time to time. Sometimes, those wild nights can result in major long-term consequences. If you’ve been arrested and accused of driving under the influence, make sure you understand the potential result and talk to a lawyer about… Read More »