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College Students Convicted of DUI Face Serious Consequences

college students convicted of dui

If you’re a college student, you probably like to have fun and get a little wild from time to time. Sometimes, those wild nights can result in major long-term consequences. If you’ve been arrested and accused of driving under the influence, make sure you understand the potential result and talk to a lawyer about your case. A Kentucky DUI conviction can have especially serious consequences for college students, and even more serious consequences for those under the legal drinking age.

Driving under the influence when under 21

The commonwealth of Kentucky takes a hard line on those under 21 found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. Kentucky’s “zero tolerance” policy imposes criminal penalties on any driver under the legal drinking of age of 21 found to have a blood alcohol content of .02% or greater—an amount 75% lower than the legal limit for drivers over the age of 21. Those convicted of an under-21 DUI (known colloquially as a “kiddie DUI”) could face a suspension of their driver’s license lasting between one and six months, up to $500 in fines or 20 hours of community service, and a mandatory alcohol treatment program. Penalties are even more severe if the driver’s blood alcohol level is at .08% or higher. Additional penalties for that individual include between two and 30 days in jail and up to 30 days of community labor.

DUI convictions could subject you to expulsion or loss of financial support

Not only are criminal penalties possible, but universities may impose their own punishment on students convicted of a DUI, as well. Some colleges may choose to expel students who are convicted of a crime, or subject them to other sanctions through the school’s disciplinary board in addition to any jail time or community service imposed by the commonwealth. This could cause a delay in graduation, affecting future education or employment timelines. Many scholarships or grants are offered on the condition that students adhere to a certain code of conduct in order to remain eligible, and students could find themselves losing financial support to pay their tuition or living expenses while in school after a drunk driving conviction. Students may also find it difficult to maintain a part-time job or internship, should their driver’s license be suspended after a DUI conviction. After putting in the hard work to earn your degree, don’t start your professional career behind the 8-ball by having a criminal conviction on your record. Contact a skilled Louisville DUI attorney as soon as possible after you’re arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

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