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How can the DUI lookback period affect me?



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Video Transcription

A DUI lookback period is this, if you’ve been charged with a DUI and your convicted of it, any subsequent DUIs can be enhanced, meaning your penalties go up, you can get longer licensing suspensions, more jail time, it’s a lot worse to get a DUI second, third, or fourth offense. In fact a fourth offense is a felony. It use to be within a five year period, so if you got four DUIs within a five year period it was a felony. The five year period just became a ten year period, and that’s a big deal for you, because other crimes you can expunge after five years, you can move on with your life. Now you can’t expunge these DUIs because of the ten year lookback period. So if you get convicted of a DUI, it’s going to be on your record for ten years.

If you’re a twenty one year old college student thinking well, it’ll be off in a few years, no, you’ll be in your thirties and still have that DUI in your record and if you get another one eight years later, it’s a enhanced second offense DUI, so that’s why you don’t want a DUI in your record. I mean there are so many reasons but that’s an even bigger one. It’s a longer period now for expungement and a longer time period if they can enhance subsequent DUIs.

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