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Should I take a breathalizer test?



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Video Transcription

Whether or not you should blow into the breathalyzer machine at the jail really depends on your circumstance. If I were to tell you right now, no you absolutely should not and you were stone cold sober with nothing to drink, that wouldn’t make a lot of sense. So it really depends on your circumstance because not everybody knows whether or not they are going to blow something. Things like diabetes can affect how you blow and what your number is.

So the answer is this, in Jefferson County they give you no less than ten and no more than fifteen minutes to contact an attorney before they ask you to blow in the machine. It is critical you take advantage of this opportunity so we can talk about you specifically. What you may or may not have had to drink, prescription medication, whether you have GERD or acid reflux, all the different things that could affect the machine. The technology that they use in Mobile, Kentucky is thirty years old. You wouldn’t use a thirty year old television in your house. You wouldn’t use a thirty year old laptop, because you can’t trust that kind of technology. There’s a lot of mistakes that go into this technology, let’s talk about it before you make that decision.

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