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How Does a DUI Conviction Impact My Job?

arrested for dui in louisville

When a person is convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of Kentucky, the consequences can be life-altering. A DUI conviction could mean time behind bars and a fine, depending on the specific case. It could severely disrupt your life not only due to the conviction but also as a result of serving jail time.

A question that might come to your mind with a DUI conviction on your record is whether you can find employment in future. Such a conviction can undoubtedly impact your job prospects because most employers are going to check the background of prospective employees for felony and misdemeanor convictions. Also, many employers regularly undertake background checks through law enforcement agencies.

Every person should get an opportunity to redeem themselves, and many individuals arrested for drunk driving ensure that it never happens again. Fortunately, there are some reasonable employers who understand that to err is human. Nevertheless, you may have to face numerous rejection letters from potential employers. 

Getting Employment with a DUI Conviction

Your chances of finding employment may be favorable if DUI is the only conviction on your record. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against applicants based on the presence of a criminal record unless there is a plausible business reason against the applicant. According to Kentucky law, the employer must show that the conviction is pertinent to the job if refusing to offer employment due to a conviction. 

Managing to Get Employment with a DUI Conviction

It is best to be honest about your DUI conviction, which is sure to come up during an interview, or during a subsequent background check. Being honest is the best way to handle this situation, and by being confident, you can show that you have learned and grown from the incident.

The goal is to ensure that the interviewer feels comfortable about the event when bringing up a DUI conviction during an interview. An air of intelligence and confidence, along with a genuine reassurance that the incident was an isolated occurrence is essential to landing the job.

An employer will usually find it easier to accept a single DUI conviction compared to several that highlight a potentially destructive behavioral pattern. While a DUI is undoubtedly a red flag, it can become less significant if it happened a long time ago, if you are otherwise well-qualified for the position, and if you can show that you learned a valuable life lesson from your DUI conviction.

An expungement of a DUI conviction or arrest may also be possible. In this legal process, your DUI conviction will be erased from your record, making it unavailable to potential employers.

DUI Conviction Record Expungement in Kentucky

Unless you get your record expunged, your Kentucky DUI conviction will remain on your record forever. In the state of Kentucky, only certain convictions are eligible for expungement, including some DUI convictions. After a DUI conviction is expunged, it will not show up on background or criminal history checks.

When considering expunging your DUI conviction, it is vital to understand the following. Kentucky law allows a DUI first conviction to be erased. To be considered, a DUI first-time conviction must meet the below-mentioned statutes:

  • You do not have prior felony convictions
  • Your five-year record before the DUI does not contain any violation or misdemeanor offenses
  • You have not received any misdemeanor, felony, or violation convictions since the DUI conviction
  • You do not face any misdemeanor, felony, or violation proceedings, and there are no pending proceedings or proceedings being brought against you
  • The offense that you got convicted for was against the state of Kentucky

Individuals with second or third DUI convictions within five years will likely not meet the DUI expungement requirements due to the statutes described above.

How to get a Misdemeanor DUI Expunged in Kentucky

  1. Consult a skilled DUI defense attorney.
  2. Provide the required information to the attorney to file a petition in the Kentucky court where you originally received the misdemeanor conviction.
  3. Offer evidence that you do not have charges pending against you at present.

The only way for an individual to have a felony DUI conviction expunged under Kentucky law is to participate in a Felony Diversion Program. For people who have completed this rehabilitation program, it is best to consult a DUI defense lawyer to make sure that their records are appropriately cleared. This is one way to handle this situation the right way – once and for all.

Legal Help from Seasoned DUI Defense Lawyers

The experienced DUI attorneys at the law offices of Ron Aslam in Kentucky can you effectively handle your DUI charges. Our seasoned lawyers are well-acquainted with the Kentucky judicial system. If you face a DUI conviction or seek to get your DUI conviction expunged, call us for a no-charge consultation at (502) 581-1676.