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Sometimes, a trial ends and you did not receive the desired outcome. You may even have received an unjust result.  Other times, a fair result that you have received has been challenged.  Whether you have won or lost, the end of a trial is not always the end of the case.  Section 115 of the Kentucky Constitution grants every person the right to at least one appeal.  The right to appeal extends to both civil and criminal cases. The right to appeal your protective order, for example. The Ron Aslam Law Office has the skills and experience to produce the best possible outcome for your case at the appellate level.

The trial court process and the appellate process are very different.  The purpose of a trial is to determine the facts surrounding a dispute and then to apply the law to the facts in order to achieve a resolution.  An appeal is not merely a second trial.  The purpose of an appeal is to correct legal errors that may have occurred during trial court proceedings.  Appellate courts have their own unique rules and procedures.  Failure to comply with the appellate rules can be fatal to success.  Even if you prevailed at trial, the failure to properly defend against an appeal may result in the loss of your verdict.  Effective representation is essential to vindicating your rights on appeal.  The Ron Aslam Law Office knows the law from both the trial court and the appellate perspectives.  We are thorough and maintain up-to-date knowledge of the appellate rules and procedures to ensure that your appeal is heard.        

The appellate process primarily focuses on written argument and review of the trial court record.  The written argument is contained in a brief, which is the most important aspect of appellate practice.  Both sides must present a written appellate brief to the appellate court to support their positions.  The type of review an appellate court performs depends on the type of decision made by the trial court.  Appellate courts use different standards of review and the law from past cases to determine whether a legal error prejudiced your rights.  An appellate brief requires clear writing and analysis of precedent tailored to the specific facts of your case to convince the appellate court to rule in your favor.  Our attorneys know how to do the intensive research and writing that will advance your interests on appeal. 

The Ron Aslam Law Office handles a variety of civil and criminal appeals.  Whether you have lost a case or you seek to preserve a challenged verdict, competent appellate representation is critical to successfully navigate the appellate process.  With so much at stake, you only have one chance on appeal and time is of the essence to preserve your rights.  Call the Ron Aslam Law Office today at 502-581-1676 to schedule a free initial consultation!

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