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Protective orders are restraining orders that are intended to prevent domestic violence.  There are two types of final protective orders: a domestic violence order (DVO) and an interpersonal protective order (IPO).  A DVO applies to a family member or member of an unmarried couple.  An IPO applies to a dating or romantic relationship that does not rise to level of a domestic or married relationship.  Serious consequences result from either the entry or the denial of a protective order.  The improper denial of a protective order may threaten your personal safety.  On the other hand, the improper entry of a protective order may result in the modification of child custody and the relinquishment of other important constitutional rights.  Although a DVO or an IPO is not a criminal offense, it is a public record that may negatively impact your employment and impair other opportunities in the community.  If you did not receive a favorable outcome at the conclusion of a DVO or IPO proceeding, then you have the right to appeal.

The Ron Aslam Law Office has the skills and experience to produce the best possible outcome for you on appeal.  Under the Kentucky Rules of Civil Procedure, appeals involving domestic violence are expedited and must be handled quickly.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and perspective to efficiently review your case and identify meritorious issues to raise before the appellate court.  When a protective order has been granted or denied, the stakes are high for everyone involved.  Effective representation is critical to successfully navigate the appellate process.  You only have once chance on appeal to preserve your rights and time is of the essence.  Our team knows the law and appellate procedures.  We will fight to ensure the best results for you.  Call the Ron Aslam Law Office today at 502-581-1676 to schedule a free initial consultation, or you may send us a secure and confidential message through our online contact form.                        

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