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A criminal conviction is a serious matter.  Beyond the loss of your freedom, a criminal conviction has far-reaching emotional and financial consequences to both you and your loved ones.  However, the result of a trial is not always correct and is not always fair.  The Kentucky Constitution guarantees you the right to appeal.  The Ron Aslam Law Office will fight to protect your rights on appeal.

An appeal is not a new trial.  An appeal serves to correct legal errors that occurred during a trial.  Numerous legal errors may arise during a criminal trial.  Violations of your constitutional rights, incorrect evidentiary rulings, and violations of procedural rules are but a few examples of prejudicial errors that may entitle you to the reversal of your conviction.  The appellate courts resolve appeals based primarily upon written argument.  Our attorneys know how to research and identify trial errors in order to effectively present meritorious arguments to the appellate court.  We know the appellate rules and procedures to ensure your appeal is heard.

At the Ron Aslam Law Office, our attorneys have worked cases from both the trial and appellate perspective.  The end of the trial is not the end of the battle for your freedom and rights.  You have once chance on appeal and the time is of the essence.  Effective representation is critical to successfully navigate the appellate process.  We will fight to obtain the best possible outcome for you on appeal.  Call the Ron Aslam Law Office today at 502-581-1676 to schedule a free initial consultation, or you may send us a secure and confidential message through our online contact form.                            

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