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Defending Your Louisville Assault Charge

It’s a fact that most physical altercations never result in an assault charge. The parties involved may go their separate ways, resolve their difference, or just avoid bringing in the law. But when the police and/or prosecutors become involved with an assault charge, the defendant can face months or years in prison, a criminal record that will follow him for years, and court costs and fines. A finding of guilt may also pave the way for a costly civil case against the defendant.

With all this at stake, it is important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will put your strongest defense forward in your assault case, negotiate with prosecutors and police, and defend your freedom and interests. Louisville criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Ron Aslam has the experience and skills to fight the assault charges against you and work towards the best possible outcome of your assault case.

Defending Kentucky Clients on all Assault Charges

Criminal defense attorney Ron Aslam defends clients charged with the following types of assault crimes in Kentucky:

  • Assault
  • Menacing
  • Wanton Endangerment
  • Criminal Abuse
  • Stalking

Don’t Fight Assault Charges on Your Own

Assault charges can be difficult to prove in Kentucky, as they often come down to questions of eyewitness testimony regarding who instigated an altercation, whether the defendant took the alleged action at all, and, if so, whether the defendant was justified in taking the action (e.g., self-defense). Because of this, police officers, investigators, and prosecutors may try to discourage you from speaking with a lawyer in the hopes you will tell them what they want to hear and make their assault case for them. They may suggest that, by doing so, you might escape liability on the assault charge or that they might “go easy on you.”

The fact of the matter is that you have a constitutional right against self-incrimination and to have a lawyer present during all police questioning on your assault charge, and you never want to give those rights up without speaking to your own lawyer. Ron Aslam will vigorously defend you from illegal and overreaching police investigation tactics from the very start, and force law enforcement and prosecutors to play by the rules in bringing any assault charges.

Putting Your Best Defense Forward in Your Assault Case

Prosecutors must prove all elements of an assault charge beyond a reasonable doubt before a jury may convict you. This is a very high bar to meet, and Ron Aslam will present your best arguments for why the prosecutors have failed to do this. Ron is a former Kentucky prosecutor who himself brought assault charges, and he has the experience and skills to find the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, whether it be limited or unreliable physical and testimonial evidence, illegally obtained evidence and confessions, and so on. If you were acting in self-defense during the alleged incident, or have some other defense including intoxication or duress, Ron will zealously present your defense to avoid or lessen criminal liability.

Ron has years of experience in getting the best results for his clients. Whether through winning a not guilty verdict or reduced sentence, negotiating a favorable plea agreement, or working to end a criminal investigation, he has the proven results you want in a criminal defense attorney, and he can put his skills and experience to work for you in fighting the assault charges against you.

Contact Louisville Attorney Ron Aslam Today

If you have been charged with an assault crime, you could be facing serious criminal penalties. Call Louisville criminal defense attorney Ron Aslam today at 502.581.1676 today to begin the process of defending your freedom.

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