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If you have been charged with a DUI in Kentucky, you may be hoping on some level it just goes away without too much trouble. Perhaps you’re thinking that you’ll show up in court, tell the judge that it was all a misunderstanding and you meant no harm, and that you’ll be released without a criminal record, jail time or fines. For the thousands of people in Kentucky charged with DUIs, it can be tempting to think this way, as most of those people have never had a problem with the law before and therefore have little to no familiarity with the criminal law system.

The truth of the matter is that, if you have been charged with a DUI, you are facing serious consequences for your freedom, finances, and career and personal reputation. Hoping it will all go away without employing the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney is a recipe for ruin. Louisville criminal defense attorney Ron Aslam has over nine years of experience in the Kentucky criminal justice system, working as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, and he has achieved a track record of fighting for his clients to beat DUI charges on a regular basis, making him one of the top DUI attorneys in the city. He will fight for your rights in your DUI case to protect your freedom, reputation, and finances and get your life back to normal.

Penalties for a DUI in Kentucky

The commonwealth of Kentucky imposes serious penalties for first-time DUI offenders (drivers who register a .08 BAC or higher), including:

  • License suspension of between 30 and 120 days
  • Jail time of between 2 and 30 days
  • Fines of between $200 and $500 (not including court costs)
  • Up to 30 days of community labor
  • Mandatory 90-day attendance of substance abuse treatment program

More serious penalties can be imposed if the prosecution proves any of the following aggravating circumstances:

  • Driving 30 MPH over the speed limit
  • Driving the wrong way on a road
  • Refusal to submit to Breathalyzer testing
  • Transporting a passenger under 12 years of age
  • Having a BAC of .15 or higher

Multiple offenses within the same 5-year period can result in vastly increased jail times, license suspensions, fines, and other penalties.

Overcoming Your DUI Charge in Kentucky

Even if you may have failed an officer’s breathalyzer test, there are numerous legal strategies that your criminal defense attorney can pursue in arguing for a not guilty verdict or in negotiating for reduced penalties. It is important to remember that prosecutors must prove all elements of a DUI charge beyond a reasonable doubt, and that all evidence against you must have been legally obtained by police. Among other things, the police must have a legally valid reason to stop you and to administer the test. Furthermore, the accuracy of the sobriety test and other evidence can be questioned.

DUI defense attorney Ron Aslam has years of experience in making aggressive and winning arguments on behalf of his clients, and has achieved numerous acquittals, dropped charges, and reduced sentences for his clients. As a former prosecutor, Ron has built up a great reputation with Louisville judges, prosecutors, and police, and he will use his experience and skills to fight for the best possible outcome to your DUI matter.

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