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Vigorous Defense in Your Kentucky Theft Case

Being charged with a theft crime in Kentucky can be a deeply intimidating and scary experience, as a guilty verdict can mean years in prison and a tarnished reputation and career. But you don’t have to face theft charges alone. Louisville criminal defense attorney Ron Aslam has over nine years of experience litigating theft crimes in the Kentucky criminal justice system, obtaining an impressive track record of positive results for his clients in criminal cases. As both a state prosecutor and now a defense attorney passionately representing the interests of individuals in and around Louisville, Ron Aslam has the experience, skill, intellect and drive to fight for your rights and defend your freedom and reputation in your Kentucky theft case.

The High Stakes of Kentucky Theft Charges

In his three years as a state prosecutor, Ron Aslam brought numerous theft cases against criminal defendants and thus he has significant experience in knowing what must be proven in such cases, and how to best defend his clients on theft charges. Ron zealously defends clients in and around Louisville on the following types of theft charges:

  • Larceny
  • Bad checks
  • Forgery
  • Identity Theft
  • Theft of Services or Labor Rendered
  • Extortion
  • Receipt of Stolen Property
  • Burglary

Depending on the amount of property involved, prosecutors can bring any of the above crimes as felonies, which can involve sentences of over a year in prison (and potentially many years based on the crime and property involved). Furthermore, having a theft crime on your record can disqualify you from many careers and jobs.

Fighting Your Kentucky Theft Charges

Because the stakes for your freedom, career and reputation are so high, you will want to have a robust, solid criminal defense attorney fighting your Kentucky theft charges. While it may seem like the power is all in the government’s hands, a good defense attorney will employ a number of strategies in turning the tables on your accusers, and as a former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney Ron Aslam has the necessary knowledge in employing such strategies.

Ron will be at your side throughout police questioning, all hearings, plea negotiations and on to trial. He will prevent police from unlawfully obtaining physical evidence and statements from you in violation of your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, and prevent any such evidence from being used against you.

It is important to understand that prosecutors must prove every element of a Kentucky theft charge beyond a reasonable doubt in order to win a guilty verdict against you, and, for theft crimes, this often involves proving that you had a guilty state of mind (or, in other words, the intent to commit a crime). In many theft cases, showing you that intended to deprive another of his property is very is hard to prove, even if there might be physical evidence that you actually possessed the property in question. Ron will make your best arguments on the question of intent and all other relevant elements of the charged theft crime in negotiating and/or litigating in favor of your innocence or for reduced penalties. Over his many years of trying theft crime cases, Ron has won numerous acquittals and reduced sentences, and he will bring his many years of experience to bear in fighting for the best possible outcome to your theft case.

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