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Kentucky Family Law Attorney

The Ron Aslam Law Office is a full-service Kentucky law firm that delivers a high level of experience and compassion to all areas of practice, including family law and divorce cases.  Family law cases can be both emotional and complex. It takes knowledge and experience to protect your assets and family relationships from further harm, and the Ron Aslam Law Office handles every case with the highest degree of care and attention.

When you are facing an important life decision, the assistance and advice provided by an experienced Kentucky family law attorney is often central to your appreciation of the key issues involved and your ultimate satisfaction of the case outcome. The scope of family law matters continues to expand, but our skilled Kentucky family law team focuses on divorce and separation, division of assets, custodial arrangements, support for children and spouses, pre and post-nuptial agreements, adoptions, and family business issues.

Kentucky Divorce Cases

Our Kentucky divorce attorney understands that divorce is more than just a legal process. For the client, it is an intimate human experience. Whether you have mutually agreed to end your marriage or are looking at a contested divorce in Kentucky, we can help.

Kentucky’s divorce laws are unique in that we are “no-fault” state. This means that the family court won’t consider the wrongdoing or bad behavior of a spouse as grounds for divorce. In fact, the only grounds for divorce in the state of Kentucky are irreconcilable differences or that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”.

There are several requirements for a Kentucky divorce, such as living apart for a certain period of time, completing Financial Disclosure Documents, and participating in a Families in Transition (FIT) Program. Our experienced and compassionate Kentucky divorce attorney can help you navigate the legal waters of this often complex process so that you can protect your rights and move on with your life.

Legal Separation or Separation Agreements

If you wish to be legally separated from your spouse but don’t want to take the steps to file for divorce, you may want to consider legal separation. The reasons that you may wish to take this step include:

  • Not being ready to formally divorce a spouse but wishing to live apart,
  • The desire for legal separation but also keeping eligibility for certain benefits legally intact, or
  • Avoiding formal divorce on moral or religious grounds.

Sometimes a separation can cause hurt feelings and sometimes it can be the cause of a need for a restraining order. Our office can help with that also. If you wish to obtain a legal separation, both parties must agree, and a Petition needs to be filed with the court. Our skilled Kentucky family law team can help if you and your spouse need a legal separation in Kentucky.

Child Custody and Visitation

When parents separate or divorce, it’s the children that are often impacted the most. Much of family in law in Kentucky focuses on protecting the rights and interests of children. Our caring and compassionate family law attorney can help you navigate the delicate process of working through a child custody and visitation agreement that is in the best interests of your children.

Child Support

In the state of Kentucky, both parents are required to provide financial support to minor children. Kentucky’s child support obligations are calculated according to the Kentucky Revised Statute 403.212. These amounts, however, are subject to modification at the discretion of the court.

While the needs of the children come first at all times, all parties want to make sure that any award for child support is fair. Other factors that may impact child support include disparity in parent incomes and certain expenses. Our Kentucky child support attorney can help ensure that your agreement is both fair and equitable.

Spousal Support

Also referred to as “alimony,” the payment of maintenance refers to payments to a spouse either during divorce proceedings or after a divorce is settled. Maintenance is meant to meet the continuing needs of a spouse that will suffer financially due to the dissolution of the marriage. Our Kentucky family law attorney understands the intricacies of maintenance awards in Kentucky, which includes both the award of maintenance and potential modification at a later date.

Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement is a legal agreement, with respect to assets and income that you sign before a wedding takes place. A post-nuptial agreement accomplishes the same goal but is drafted after the parties are already married. Post-nuptial agreements require additional consideration, so it is imperative that you consult with an experienced Kentucky family law attorney for assistance in drafting one.

Both of these agreements can be useful for parties to a marriage who come into the partnership with either significant assets or minor children from a prior relationship. They are also useful for others who may not have significant assets, but have other pre-marital concerns. Both types of agreements can establish financial ground rules for the marriage and guarantee that assets are divided fairly should the marriage fail. It is best to confer with a Kentucky family law attorney to determine if a pre or post-nuptial agreement would be useful in your marriage.


Adopting a child is a big step for any family or couple. Not only is the process of adoption lengthy, but in most cases, it is also expensive and complicated. As with any matter involving children, the child’s best interest should always be of utmost importance. At the Ron Aslam Law Office, we promise to provide a level of client service and adoption expertise that will bring these matters to conclusion as quickly and as favorably as possible.

Family Business Issues

When business and family mix, the results can range from a glorious and profitable success to a miserable disaster. Emotional conflicts combined with business interests can lead to a business losing money or closing its doors altogether. Our experienced Louisville family law attorney can help your family navigate the complexities of separating your business and personal interests, particularly when there is another family law dispute involved.

The legal issues involving family matters can be overwhelming for parents and children alike. Instead of trying to figure out all of the details on your own, our experienced Kentucky family law attorney can handle these matters with the utmost care so that you can focus on your family’s well-being. Call the Ron Aslam Law Office at 502-581-1676 or contact us online to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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