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I write this on behalf of Ron Aslam, my law associate for many years. When Ron completed his term as Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, I invited him to join me and several others in the practice of law. Aside from being a great lawyer and a good person, Ron and I had a very successful DUI practice. Upon my retirement, he has continued to grow this successful practice.

In the beginning of our association, I felt as if I were the mentor and Ron was the student. I taught him many of the intricacies of the practice of DUI law that I had learned after years as a prosecutor and Judge. Soon, Ron’s intellect and talent added greatly to my ability to practice DUI law.

I was honored to have Ron Aslam beside me, both in court and in the development of winning case strategies. Ron quickly became indispensable to me in the practice of law. Through our collaboration, I believe we won more cases than any person or group in Jefferson County.

While there are those who represent themselves as being competent in their DUI representation, the ultimate question is how many cases have those lawyers actually had amended to non DUI charges or won outright by dismissals and not guilty verdicts. Using those parameters, you will see Ron Aslam’s record is at the top of the list. He is truly proficient in representing his clients not only in DUI cases but in a variety of criminal matters. Do not be fooled by those who profess a stellar track record in DUI cases. Instead, ask to see the CourtNet printouts of the cases they handled in the last 24 months that demonstrate good results for their clients. Once you see the comparison, you will determine on your own that Ron Aslam is the man that you need to represent you.

I am happy I had the opportunity to spend so many years working with Ron in assisting clients with DUI charges. Ron has become a master in the field and is now truly the attorney to see if you are charged with a DUI and want the best defense possible.

– Paul Gold

“Ron Aslam knows his stuff. Ron diligently worked for me on a dui case. I was confident in Ron to smartly research my case, advise me of options, and litigate my case the way WE decided. Ron earns his fee. He may actually save you lots of time and money with procedural matters. Always pay a professional to the job you require. Ron Aslam is that professional.”

– Todd S.

“Ron did a great job on my case. Everything that we talked about in my initial consultation was achieved and more. He is a great guy to talk to and is a wealth of knowledge. If you ever find yourself in need of a attorney and don’t hire Ron you have already lost your case. I have hired several attorneys over the years and have never really been happy with the out come until meeting Ron. He’s a super nice guy that you can feel assured that he is going to do the best for you that can be and not just cut a deal . He’s my go to guy when I’m in need. Thanks Ron”

– C.H.

“Ron Aslam worked on my case for over two years. I was being charged with DUI and found Ron at Paul Gold’s office in Louisville. Ron was very attentive to every detail and made sure nothing was missed. He gathered multiple pieces of evidence, looked over every detail, and found many plans of attack. I could tell he really cared about me and my situation. Eventually my case was dismissed due to a descripancy he found. It was a very small detail that most people would miss. I even said that I would have missed it. But Ron didn’t miss he hit a home run for me. Thank you, Ron. You have made life worry free again. I’m extremely grateful for you’re service and would recommend you to anyone I know needs you’re help.” 

– M.S.

“Ron was fantastic from the start. He responded to my inquiry within 24 hours and was very compassionate and informative. He made me instantly feel comfortable and I was confident he was the right choice for me which was so important, as I do not live in Kentucky. He saw me as a person and not a court case, learning about me and my background, job, and incident in great detail. He talked me through the emotional and law aspects of a DUI, which I knew nothing about. He kept me well educated and informed in the process, was available via txt/call any time I needed him, and advocated hard on my behalf. I’m sure he has a heavy court caseload, but I always felt like I was a high priority to him. Over the course of 20 months, Ron attended court, updated and educated me, and helped me whenever I needed anything. He explained each step to me in a way that I could understand it so I could make the best decisions possible during the process. I trusted him, his council, and his ability to represent me in court every time. Ron achieved an outcome I didn’t even think possible, which was a full dismissal of the charges. I took a class to educate myself further as part of that dismissal. I have no doubt that Ron worked harder, spent more time with me personally, and invested himself in me and my outcome more than anyone else I could have chosen. If you find yourself needing a DUI Lawyer in Louisville, choose Ron Aslam. It will be the most important choice you make to get the best outcome for you.”  

– Meghan

Mr. Aslam was excellent in handling a case for my juvenile son. Not only did he know what to expect and how to handle a juvenile case he was able to keep this mom calm in the process.

If you need an attorney for your juvenile child. Its important to have someone who knows the juvenile process. My son was in a situation where he was at the wrong place at the wrong time but was being charged with some pretty hefty crimes…as a frantic mom, I needed help and legal advice fast. I called 5 attorneys and none got back with me except Mr. Aslam…and he got back with me within an hour and met with us within 2 hours. He handled our case expertly and quickly. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Aslam!!!!”

– Former client’s mother

“Mr. Aslam did an excellent job. I was charged with DUI and he was able to get my case completely dismissed without any charges. Mr. Aslam made several court appearances on my behalf and I never had to set foot in a courtroom. In addition, he always kept me informed as to what was going on and promptly returned all my phone calls. I hope I never need the services of a lawyer again. If I do, Mr. Aslam will be the first person I will call.”  

– Randy

“I was facing some really bad and serious charges as well as looking at a lot of time in jail, Ron fought for me and believed I could change. He made a deal for me to go to rehab for a year out of the state of Kentucky and had to bring proof back that I completed the program. By completing that program the prosecutor dropped my felony charges to misdemeanor charges and 2 years probation. Because of Ron’s help I have almost 5 years clean 2 healthy babies that have never seen that part of my old life and a great job. Ron wasn’t very expensive and was worth every penny and great at what he does. He is one of the few that actually cares about trying to get help for his clients. Thanks again Ron so much.”

– C.U.

“I can’t say enough about the great work of Ron Aslam and Paul Gold.  Against all odds, Ron fought tooth and nail at every angle possible for victory in my case.  It was worth every penny!!  I actually felt like the beginning of the movie “Liar Liar” when Jim Carrey had actually convinced the blonde lady that it was her ex-husband’s fault that she was thrown in the arms of seven other men. Ron was so convincing, he actually had me believeing that I wasn’t in the wrong! I’m confident that there is no better defense than with Ron.  Thanks again!”

– A.V.

“I am very grateful to the lawyer Ron Aslam for helping me in my case of four charges. Now my record is clean and is thanks to his excellent work. I recommend him 100 percent, he is extremely good at what he does. He explained you everything in details and answer any questions you may have. He is very friendly, professional, and the main thing is that he make you feel that you are in good hands. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation like I did don’t hesitate to call him, HE IS AMAZING.”

– BF

“Ron got my a&$ out of jail ASAP! He made sure I was taken care of every step of the way.”

– S.I.

“Ron Aslam worked a Miracle on my case, hands down! I had been criminally cited on some pretty serious traffic violations that carries potential jail time and some serious fines. Mr.Aslam did what he does best!!!! Not only did he get me a more than reasonable extension… he got all of my charges completely dropped and not one fine!!! I very highly recommend that if you want and need a skilled attorney to handle a case for you to come out on top, Ron Aslam is undoubtedly the one!!! #winning”

– C.C, Louisville

“My Husband and I are very pleased with all the services provided and results obtained by Ron. By nature, we all make mistakes occasionally to which Ron is more than compassionate and understanding of. He is focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best outcome for his clients. His knowledge of the law, and his overall legal abilities are excellent. I highly recommend Ron to anyone looking for a dependable and responsive attorney.”

– K. H, Louisville

“I want to acknowledge attorney Ron Aslam for his professionalism and expertise. His gentle personality made this a more comfortable process for me while going through my legal process. Ron Aslam was wonderful! He was so responsive, and I really felt that he had my best interests at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend Ron Aslam to anyone in need of an affective attorney!”


“I retained the services of Ron Aslam Law Office to handle my legal needs.  He was professional and extremely knowledgeable about the extenuating circumstances of my case. Ron excelled in communicating all the details in regards to possible actions that could be taken. We discussed all the steps that we would have to take in order to present my case well; the outcome was more than pleasing. I would recommend Ron Aslam to anyone that is need of counsel”


“To cut to the chase, Ron saved my butt. He was professional, extremely clear about everything the whole way through and went above and beyond to truly provide counsel. I was not the easiest client and demanded much of him, but Ron was a total Pro. He’s sharp, very well spoken, very attentive, and got results for me. I would seek out his help again in a heartbeat.”

– Ben

“Mr.Aslam was honest and shot stright from the get go. He explained the situation and all of the possible outcomes in a way I could understand. He has handled everything that he said he would and has kept me posted on everything. He has shown his experience and I highly recommend him for any DUI case.”

– Former Client

“Mr. Aslam was able to get me out of a traffic ticket a couple of months ago. He was devoted to helping me with my case and always answered my phone calls. He is well connected in Louisville and knows how to get you the best possible deal. Would hire him again in a heart beat.”

– Former Client

“Ron helped me on a simple matter and did a great job with of lots of care and attention. I have referred several friends and family to Ron and they have all felt the same.”

– Former Client

“Mr. Aslam handled my DUI case to completion with the utmost professionalism and understanding. He clearly explained the legal situation and the options available to me. He patiently answered all of my questions and returned my messages promptly. Ron went above and beyond to fight for me and achieved the best possible outcome for my case. I would recommend his services without hesitation.”

– Former Client

“Ron Aslam communicated in an efficient manner and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process of my case. In addition, I was always able to reach him at any point if I had any questions or concerns during the process, which was very reassuring.”

– Former Client

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