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What Do I Do If I’ve Been Wrongfully Accused of Sexual Assault?

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If you feel like you’ve been wrongfully accused of sexual assault, you must take the allegation seriously because the penalties can change your life forever. You may be feeling overwhelmed emotionally, devastated by the allegations being leveled against you. Or, you may find that this allegation is completely baseless and you just hope or expect that your case will be thrown out or that the charges will be dropped. Either way, you should know what is at stake.

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, sexual assault—whether it is rape or sodomy—is considered a felony offense. Depending on the felony class, the penalty can range from a year to lifetime imprisonment.  Equally important, under Kentucky law, those convicted of a sex offense are not eligible for probation and therefore must serve their sentence in prison.

Additionally, if you are convicted of a sex offense under Kentucky law, you will be listed on the Sex Offender Registry for a time period depending on the severity of the crime upwards to a lifetime registration. You will not be able to live within 1,000 feet of schools, public playgrounds, and daycare facilities. Also, you will not be allowed to use any social media website or instant messaging service, or chat room if it allows any person under age 18 on those sites or programs.

With the stakes so high, there are a few crucial things you must do in order to have the best chance with your case.

  1. Weigh the gravity of your situation. As previously stated, the penalties for sex crimes can alter your life for a long time, maybe for life. You will be greatly restricted on where you live and possibly where you can work because of your being listed on the Sex Offender Registry. You should not assume that a false accusation should not be taken seriously.
  2. Know your rights. Remember that if you are being questioned by the police, you have your Miranda rights, specifically that you do have the right to remain silent, and the right to competent legal representation. You should have an attorney present if you are to answer any questions.
  3. Find and secure an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You need a legal expert who can review and closely examine the details of your case.
  4. Get financially ready to defend yourself. To prepare a proper defense, you will need to collect evidence as well as gather witnesses. Sometimes, the only way you may be able to prove your innocence may be on a medical basis. With that in mind, you may need to get a variety of extra resources, such as expert witnesses, DNA testing, polygraphs, psychological testing—all of which can be quite expensive.
  5. Take time to remember the details of the incident. Any and all details matter, so make sure to write down everything that you can remember, even if it seems trivial or small.
  6. Keep any evidence. Make sure that you preserve any physical evidence from the incident.
  7. Create a list of witnesses. In addition of expert witnesses, if anyone was around during the alleged incident, then craft a list of possible witnesses.
  8. Get educated on the law. The internet has a variety of resources, so you should examine Kentucky’s statutes. Understand the penalties that come with these sorts of felony and misdemeanor offenses. Learn how to carry yourself and what to say during an interrogation. Your attorney can be a reliable source of information as well.

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