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What Happens If You Are Involved in a Crash with a Company Vehicle?

accident with company vehicle

Driving a company vehicle lets you keep your own car’s mileage low, benefit from company insurance, and otherwise separate your professional and personal life. But what happens when you’re involved in a crash while driving the company car? It’s important to know what to expect, how you’ll be affected, and what you need to do.

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Determining Fault

Much depends on who is at fault for the accident. This is why a thorough investigation is required. The citations given out at the scene of the accident are an important part of figuring out liability. They often point to who is liable for the accident, but you do need to go further than that. A comprehensive investigation will identify what happened to set off the accident and which actions contributed directly to the collision. It is likely that your company’s insurance company will take care of this since the accident occurred in a company vehicle.

When You Are at Fault

If you are at fault, your company’s vehicle insurance will be held liable for the damage caused. This may include the other person’s property damage, medical bills, and other expenses. On top of that, it may also pay for your injuries and property damage.

Many people in this situation wonder if they will be held personally liable for the accident. Your employer’s insurance should protect you, as an employee, from personal liability. However, this does not mean that there won’t be any consequences for the accident. If the accident costs the company a substantial amount of money or occurred because you were impaired or otherwise reckless, you could be terminated for your role in the accident.

If the Other Party is At Fault

If the other driver is responsible for the accident, compensation will go through the other party’s insurance company. They, not your company’s insurance provider, will be responsible for paying for your medical bills and other expenses.

Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Compensation

One of the unique aspects of an accident in a company car is the fact that you may be able to claim compensation from two sources. An accident that occurs at work allows you to claim workers’ compensation. However, if the other driver was liable, you can also seek compensation from them through a third-party claim.

There are several benefits to this. Workers’ compensation generally starts paying out very quickly when approved, allowing you to keep money coming in and avoiding the delays associated with a personal injury claim. Since you do not have to prove liability in a workers’ compensation claim, the process is much quicker and less stressful than a personal injury claim.

However, there are limits to workers’ compensation. It only pays for approved medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. This is where the third-party personal injury claim comes in. The personal injury claim can cover the expenses that workers’ compensation does not. You may be able to seek compensation for any medical expenses not covered by workers’ comp, any personal property that was damaged in the crash, pain and suffering, and lost wages not paid out by workers’ comp. This helps you actually be made whole after the crash, rather than only recovering a portion of your expenses.

It is important to note that you cannot double dip. If one route of compensation covers your medical bills, you cannot recover the same expenses from the other route. On top of that, your workers’ compensation may not end up paying out if the other party’s insurance covers everything. If your personal injury settlement includes money for lost wages and medical expenses, your workers’ compensation insurance company will need to be reimbursed from those funds before you receive anything.

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